Ferrari intrigue persists with new airbox cooling device

© XPB 

After it was compelled by the FIA at Monza to remove its camera "ice bag", Ferrari has showed up in Singapore with a new cooling device mounted on its SF71-H's airbox.

Recently, the Scuderia resorted to using a bag of ice to allegedly cool its FOM camera mounted on the airbox of its car.

But inquiries to the FIA by rival teams, who suspected the ploy was used first and foremost to restrict the camera's view of the car's cockpit, perhaps to hide settings on the steering wheel, forced the team to ditch its device.

Ferrari still made an attempt to occult the view of its cockpit by placing an umbrella on the Italian Grand Prix grid.

Now, another device has been mounted on the SF71-H, apparently for the purpose of cooling the airbox. It's mounting however conveniently blocks once again the view of the FOM camera lens.

As a reminder, all teams have access to rivals' FOM footage, including on-board and overhead angles.

Over to you FIA…

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