The 10 worst engines in Formula 1 history!

#1 Life F35, W 12 3.5L (0 GP, 0 points, 0 podiums)

Finding the mechanical abomination wanted by Franco Rocchi at the top of our rankings is a no-brainer. The Italian engineer, who spent time at Ferrari, nevertheless wholeheartedly believed in the W12 concept of combining the compactness of a V8 and the power of a V12. Except that this theory never went further than the drawing board. Gary Brabham and Bruno Giacomelli suffered in the delusional Life, whose performance level was light years behind the competition. The sad red car finished most of its pre-qualifying sessions on the tow back to the garage. The W12 was replaced by a more conventional Judd engine, which too condemned the Life to a systematic Friday morning end at each GP meeting.