F1i's Driver Ratings for the 2019 Mexican GP

George Russell (P16): 6/10
Mexico proved another pretty decent outing for George Russell, at least within the confines of what is possible to achieve with the Williams FW42. Finally equipped with the team's new front wing, he was a second faster than Nicholas Latifi in FP1 and beat Kubica by the same margin in final practice, and by an even bigger amount in qualifying. So far, so business as normal for the 2018 Formula 2 champion. Unfortunately when it came to the race itself he was never really presented with any openings that he could take advantage of, so he just kept putting the laps in instead. Although he finished the race two laps off the lead he had a decent consolation prize in beating not only his team mate but also claiming the scalp of Haas' Romain Grosjean, which would have been cause for celebration earlier in the season but by now just felt like his rightful due. We still hope that Russell gets a better car to really prove his potential in his sophomore year, but for the time being he's doing a solid and surprisingly consistent job - and more than proving his worth to the team in troubled times.