Technical analysis – Barcelona

F1-technical-Mercedes-steering wheel-rosberg


Nico Rosberg admitted he was in the wrong engine mode after the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, which allowed Hamilton to close in on him with the consequences we all know.

F1 drivers have a myriad of procedures to perform before the lights go out. In light of the FIA’s fresh clampdown on radio communications, some drivers have felt the need to add reminders on their steering wheels. As you can see above, the steering wheel of the #6 Mercedes is adorned with a sticker where all the checks that need to be carried out on the grid after the formation lap are written.

“RS”; “BBal” (brake balance); “Strat 3” (the engine mode used at the start, which adjusts the fuel mix and level of electric deployment); “Clu warm” (clutch temperatures); “Clu Pos” (clutch position). Instead of going to “Strat 3”, Rosberg would have stayed in “Strat 12”, the engine mode activated during the formation lap.