Technical: Under the skin of the Ferrari SF16-H




The energy recovery systems (ERS) are installed in a conventional way on the SF16-H. Featuring at the back of the internal combustion engine (ICE) on the 2015-spec Ferrari plant, the MGU-K is now implemented on the left-hand side of the current model, just like on all the other power units.

On the image above, one can notice the electric cables that connect the MGU-K to the control electronics. The latter converts three-phase alternating current from both motor-generator units (the MGU-H and -K) into direct current that can be stored in the battery (or energy store). To the left, one can see in the foreground other cables that connect the MGU-H, housed within the ‘Vee’ of the engine, to the control electronics.

On the bottom picture, one can identify the battery, mounted below the tank and wrapped up with insulating material. The technical regulations mandate that the battery weigh 20-25kg.