Under the skin of the front-running 2015 F1 cars

Malaysian GP Saturday 28/03/15


Last year’s Mercedes-powered MP4-29 had oblique-positioned coolers. Radiators now have a flatter, more traditional placement on the McLaren-Honda MP4-30

Woking’s latest charger still features innovative solutions like having a small cooler directly attached to the air intake’s superior duct. Indeed, the airbox is split into a pair of ducts. The top one feeds cooling air to the aforementioned radiator, which is actually an ERS cooler. The second duct channels air towards the compressor of the V6 internal combustion engine.

The intercooler’s exact location remains unknown for the moment. Has it been placed inside the left sidepod? Perhaps above the ICE (see gold area)? We’ll have to wait for extra pictures to find out.

One can actually see part of Honda’s exhaust manifold installation (see red arrows). Its positioning is similar to Renault and Ferrari’s designs (Mercedes’ exhaust pipes are higher up, as seen on the very first picture).