Tech F1i Monza - Haas' Italian job fails the rules


If we lower the load on the rear wing, it must be reduced at the front, too, in order to have a balanced car from an aerodynamic point of view:

“In general, you adjust the rear wing according to the top speed you want to reach,” Romain Grosjean explains to F1i. “And then, we adjust the front wing. Here, the angle of attack of the flaps is modified according to the aerodynamic balance that is needed in fast corners. The more downforce, the less the front will slide.”

In the picture above, we note that the engineers of Red Bull have quite simply removed some flaps from the front wing, to compensate for the power deficit of the Renault V6 (their colleagues at McLaren have done the same). Having a powerful engine, Ferrari was able to just slightly refine the upper flap.