Austrian GP Speed Trap: who is the fastest of them all?

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As the shortest track on the F1 calendar, the Red Bull Ring requires just over 63 seconds to complete a full lap at record pace.

As a track that weaves up and down across green pastures, with a few blind spots around its ten corners, the circuit is more of a challenge for drivers than it is for engines, but good traction and plenty of grunt are required to do the job.

Looking at the speed trad readings from Saturday afternoon, one will note the comfortable margin enjoyed by pacesetter Charles Leclerc whose top speed was almost 3mph superior to his nearest rival.

The second fact that sticks out while glancing at the numbers is Kevin Magnussen's lowly position in the readings.

The Dane's Haas is powered by the same Ferrari unit as Leclerc, yet it clicked in at just 314.2 km/h, but that was still good to deliver the fifth overall fastest lap for Magnussen in qualifying.

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