FIA rules Ferrari halo-mounted mirrors as illegal

An Ferrari SF71H with wing mirrors on the Halo cockpit cover.
© XPB 

The FIA has lowered the boom on Ferrari's creative mounting of aerodynamic mirrors on the halo of the team's SF71-H.

Formula 1's governing body ruled the design as illegal, mainly focusing on the winglets integrated into the structure,  but has allowed the Scuderia to continue to use the assembly this weekend in Spain.

Protests from the Scuderia's rivals enticed FIA race director Charlie Whiting to have a closer look at Ferrari's concept, and draw his conclusions.

"I don't think you'll see them at another race, that's my understanding," said Red Bull boss Christian Horner when queried on the mirrors by Sky F1.

Earlier this year, the FIA initially stated that mirrors could be mounted on the halo, but within its defined guidelines and technical regulations, with Ferrari apparently taking too much freedom in its interpretation of the rules.

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