F1i's Top Shots of 2018 from XPB's Laurent Charniaux


Formula 1 is often blasted by those who lament its boring processions, the predictable outcomes, the importance of strategy over action, or its politically correct and sanitized environment that has worn away much of Grand Prix racing's romance.

However, for all the dressing down - sometimes warranted, often exaggerated - the sport still retains its vista for those who have an eye for capturing the aesthetic of the cars, the people, the action and the emotions.

Our good friend Laurent Charniaux who heads the XPB photo agency has been globetrotting the world of F1 for several decades, snapping cars and drivers with endless passion, in search for that alternative angle, artful backdrop or stolen moment.

For F1i, Laurent revisits the 2018 season, offering us one image and the comments it inspires for each one of this year's 21 races.