Ecclestone casts more doubt on 2016 USGP

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Bernie Ecclestone has voiced his doubts over whether the United States Grand Prix will take place in 2016.

The race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin is under threat after the State of Texas reduced its funding this year after a review of its impact on the local economy. While the race was named on the 2016 calendar marked with an asterisk as it is subject to agreement with the promoter, Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport the current outlook is not a positive one.

Asked if the race will take place in 2016, Ecclestone replied: "Forecasts are difficult."

And Ecclestone - who is known to want more races in the United States - says he should not be blamed for the uncertainty over Austin's future.

"They knew exactly what it would cost when they signed the contract with us. They knew that they would have to build a race track, and what it costs to put on a grand prix."

Alexander Rossi recently told F1i he believes it would be a "massive loss" if the race were to drop off the calendar.

American businessman Tavo Hellmund - who was involved in the Austin project for a spell - has previously confirmed he is working on a new race in North America, understood to be in California.

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