FIA ordered Ferrari to stop camera-cooling antics

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The FIA will no longer allow Ferrari to place a cooling bag on the overhead camera of its SF71-H, a ploy that subtly restricted the device's lens.

The Scuderia initiated the stratagem recently, invoking the high temperatures of the camera's electronics and the subsequent need for cooling.

However, speculation in the paddock pointed towards a maneuver to prevent FOM footage from viewing the SF71-H's steering wheel at key moments when the car is at rest in the garage and on the grid.

Alerted to the practice, FIA race director Charlie Whiting enquired about the matter and promptly told Ferrari before last weekend's Italian Grand Prix to refrain from placing the cooling bag over the FOM camera.

Undeterred, the Scuderia's crew complied with the governing body's directive but then restricted the camera's vision again, on the grid, by placing an umbrella over its car's cockpit!

"We did ask Ferrari to stop using these ice packs," explained an FIA spokesperson.

"The main reason was that FOM were not happy with them doing it. The issue is one of internal ECU temperature which the FIA will continue to monitor with FOM."

Regardless of whether Ferrari initiated the practice for a valid technical reason or just to wind up its rivals, the FIA dismissed any questionable or illegal motive.

"It prevented television seeing the dashboard, which inevitably led to several conspiracy theories, but the reality is that the FIA know everything we need to know about the dashboard software and it is entirely legal."

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