BMW recreates Monza in the desert!

This could very well be one day a view of Monza after the Apocalypse, a barren wasteland with nothing left but a desolate but recognizable layout.

In reality, the story behind this picture is one of an extraordinary adventure put together by BMW for the sole purpose of proving the off-road capabilities of the manufacturer's X5 SUV.

To do so, BMW moved heaven and earth in the Sahara Desert of Morocco to replicate a full-scale version of the legendary Italian track.

For two weeks, a team of 50 people undertook the massive task of surveying, measuring and outlining the course in the sand, faithfully recreating every corner, chicane, straight and sweep.

One question inevitably comes to mind. Was driving a plush X5 in anger on a sandy replica just as thrilling as racing around Monza's historic park? Perhaps not, but it was likely more comfortable!

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