Singapore Grand Prix - Quotes of the weekend

F1i looks back at some of the best quotes from the Singapore Grand Prix weekend as Jenson Button gets tired of McLaren and Pastor Maldonado, while Sebastian Vettel gets, well, drunk

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“None of the limits set by Ferrari - oops, Ferrari! - Borderline nonsense!”

Toto Wolff has a bit of a freudian slip when asked if Pirelli’s tyre pressures could have impacted on Mercedes’ performance in Singapore


“It is in that counselling stage before hopefully coming out with an amicable divorce fairly shortly.”

Christian Horner tells Sky Sports he feels like a marriage counsellor as Red Bull and Renault near the end of their relationship


Martin Brundle: "Do Honda know how to fix the car for next year?"

Ron Dennis: "You mean fix the engine.”

Martin Brundle’s gridwalk brings one of Ron Dennis’ better answers of 2015


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Engineer: “We want you to help manage the temperatures, we want you to save as much fuel as possible and we need some hard braking events to keep the temperature in the front brakes.”

Jenson Button: “And rub your tummy and pat your head?!”

Jenson Button appears to be tiring of some of the requests from McLaren to try (and fail) to nursee his car though a race


“I should have known, really, he’s mental.”

Button again, who is not impressed by Pastor Maldonado’s defensive driving after contact between the two


“He told me if I had let him past he would have kicked me in the nuts!”

Max Verstappen had quite a big incentive from his dad Jos not to obey team orders to allow Carlos Sainz through


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Singapore Grand Prix - Race Day - Singapore, Singapore

“Kimi is always complaining! No, no problem at all. The usual comments when they are doing the setting of the car, the difference is Seb is quiet and Kimi is screaming, nothing special.”

Maurizio Arrivabene has a cheeky way of dismissing Kimi Raikkonen’s comments that he was unhappy with his car throughout the Singapore Grand Prix weekend


“Then I think again as the laps ticked down I was probably able to make the tyres last a bit better on the option and close in, but then safety car again. So, thanks to the guy on the track, appreciate it. I was tempted to swerve, clip him!”

Daniel Ricciardo felt he missed out on putting pressure on Sebastian Vettel due to the timing of the two safety cars


“It’s other people to ask… and probably the champagne hits more than I thought so it’s maybe better for me to shut up at this point!”

Vettel goes big on the champagne on the podium and regrets it in the post-race press conference

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Singapore Grand Prix - Race Day - Singapore, Singapore

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