Alpine's avalanche: Last one to leave turns off the lights

Where to go from here?

However you look at it, it's hard not to wonder whether Renault even has the stomach to face the challenge of F1 anymore.

Perhaps a better solution to Renault's migraine would be to offload the team to one of the several interested parties currently applying to join the grid, but who have been stymied by the FIA's reluctance to add an 11th team.

Michael Andretti will surely have been watching developments in Spa this weekend very closely.

The last word should go to the man who just walked out of the gates at Enstone for the last time, Otmar Szafnauer.

"I’m sad for the good people that work here. I’m not sad for myself, or for anybody else, except for all the good people that work for Alpine," he said on Sunday evening at Spa.

He added that the team "saw some of the leadership skills that I bring, they appreciated what I did, how I treat people, how I’m respectful to them, how I motivate them, all those things.

"That means a lot to me. To be a decent human being goes a long way in life."