F1 chiefs to hold key meeting on Wednesday

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Formula 1's team bosses will meet on Wednesday to review and refine propositions associated with the sport's future.

While various schemes for improving F1 were devised at a Strategy Group meeting in May, several suggestions, like a reintroduction of refueling, have since been discarded as they did not receive the necessary support. The purpose of Wednesday's meeting is therefore to further explore the proposals remaining on the table, and how and when they may be implemented.

Both Bernie Ecclestone and FIA President Jean Todt have expressed their will to see a reduction in driver aids in order to decrease F1's level of sophistication while also attempting to introduce a little more predictability.

Ecclestone would also like to see drivers once again at the centre of attention during a race, with pit-to-car radio communication drastically reduced or eliminated altogether.

"All this chatter with the pit wall and the instructions from the engineers for the drivers – all that has to stop," Ecclestone said. "The drivers have to be in the centre again - they have to do their race and show their true colours. I promise you that it will come!"

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