Formula 1 extends social media relaxation rules

© XPB 

Liberty Media has extended social media relaxation rules into the Australian Grand Prix race weekend, enabling teams and drivers to once again broadcast on social media video content captured on handled devices.

Much to the fans  pleasure, F1's new owners have gone in the opposite direction than the restrictive one previously enforced by Bernie Ecclestone with regard to social media.

Up until Barcelona, when the rules were relaxed, FOM would not allow any filming during any official F1 event.

Teams must respect a cut-off time however to avoid direct conflict with TV broadcasters, which means that they cannot film cars leaving the garages.

Furthermore, FOM will remain the exclusive owner of all F1 content, and retain the rights to use it as it sees fit.

Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams have already taken full advantage of the relaxation, posting content from Melbourne on their various social media outlets.

And Lewis Hamilton also plans to make full use of his social media freedom in Melbourne.