Brown wants five more years with Alonso!

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McLaren executive Zak Brown believes that his team stands a chance of keeping Fernando Alonso on board if it can deliver a competitive car to the Spaniard.

Brown is pretty much stating the obvious but even if McLaren-Honda succeeds in turning around its fortunes - a very distant prospect right now - it could be a case of 'too little too late' for the two-time world champion.

Still, if given the choice, Brown would sign-up Alonso for five more years.

"He's very motivated and fit -- he has five years ahead of him if he wants it," the American is quoted by the Spanish sports daily Marca.

"I'm very keen for him to stay and I think he will if we give him a car."

After three years of purgatory at the Woking-based outfit, Alonso has clearly reached boiling point, now wearing his frustrations and disappointment on his sleeve.

While he fights to save face, Brown also understands his driver's predicament.

"No one is more desperate to win than Fernando," the American said.

"But he has behaved impeccably. He has said what he feels because the facts are the facts and he is the best driver in the world," he added.

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