'No Mercedes in the back of our car next year', says McLaren's Brown

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McLaren boss Zak Brown has ruled a return to Mercedes power in 2018 as the Woking-based outfit will honour its current contract with engine partner Honda.

Plagued by reliability issues and pinned down by dismal power, McLaren-Honda is dealing with a third year of under-performance since the Japanese manufacturer returned to F1 in 2015.

Zak Brown insists that both partners are working hard to solve its troubles although no rapid fix is around the corner.

"No Mercedes in the back of our car," Brown said, referring to rumors of a switch to the German manufacturer's power for 2018.

"Obviously the Formula 1 results right now are frustrating but the culture’s great, the people are great and the things that we’re doing, we’re being brave and taking some big decisions,” said Brown.

"It’s great working with the executive committee, they’re providing some great leadership for the whole organisation. So we’re happy here.

"We’re frustrated we’re not winning Formula 1 races – that’s not going to change overnight - but we’re working hard and it’s going to be sweeter when we do win."

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