Horner reiterates 'water-tight' contracts for Red Bull drivers

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Christian Horner insisted once again that both Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo will be racing with Red Bull Racing next season.

Pundits have been spinning the rumor mill lately, focusing mainly on Max Verstappen's frustrations with the state of his affairs, and banking on a departure of the teenager, with Ferrari the most likely destination.

But Horner poured cold water once again on those prospects, insisting that Red Bull had total control over their drivers' destiny for next year.

"The drivers are happy," Horner told Sky F1's Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby.

"They're in good shape, they're on long contracts. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone in the team's mind that they're not part of the team next year. Anything else is just speculation.

"The only driver who had a clause was Mr Vettel. We're very happy with the drivers and they just want to go quicker.

"They are on junior driver contracts whereas Seb was able to renegotiate after his second world championship which had a bit of performance in it, which gave him the trigger when Fernando made his move from Ferrari.

"These drivers don't have that trigger."

Horner also revealed that it was unlikely the team would ever bring in an established name from the outside, as the move would not fit Red Bull's purpose of bringing young talent to the fore.

"It does not fit our philosophy of investing in youth and developing the youngsters, and it would totally undermine what we do with Toro Rosso as well," Horner explained.

Reading between the lines, one could interpret Horner's comments as excluding Fernando Alonso from its driver line-up in the near future.

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