Changes to help overtaking a 'game-changer' says GPDA's Wurz


Alex Wurz, the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, is delighted with Formula 1 and the FIA's decision to alter next year's technical rules to help improve overtaking.

Earlier this week, the F1 Commission voted through a series of changes for 2019 which - among other tweaks -  include a wider simpler front wing destined to decrease turbulent air in the wake of a car, therefore allowing for closer racing.

Former Williams and Benetton driver Wurz praised all parties for forcing the issue and bringing the changes about.

"It could be the starting point for a game-changer," said the GPDA boss and 69-Grand Prix veteran.

"We are very happy that Liberty, with the FIA, have seen that we can’t continue going down the road of creating artificial overtaking with DRS.

"A natural overtaking manoeuvre that is purely and visibly down to the driver’s skill is what creates the biggest emotions for fans and drivers.

"If we can follow each other closely we are more likely to have old-school, authentic overtaking and that’s what the drivers would love to see and why this rule change is such good news."

The aerodynamic changes were supported by extensive CFD research work conducted by Formula 1 with the help of the teams.

Wurz's underlines the fact that the determined attitude by the sport and its governing body to bring about change without relying on the teams' unanimous consent is perhaps as important as the decision itself.

"It is a decisive change in philosophy and rules that is starting to happen," said the Austrian.

"It is a small step but the direction is clear and as a race fan I like it. Come 2021 I would assume the research of Liberty and the FIA would have gone even further. I am 100% sure it will create really cool racing."

Wurz says caution should be exercised however as Ferrari, thanks to its powerful veto right, could compromise the all-important vote although it has so far given no indication it would.

"I was a bit surprised it went through,"added Wurz.

"This is a change which can reshuffle the performance order, therefore I thought the teams that are in power would stop it in their own interest.

"But if it goes through it is a success for everyone pulling in the same direction and looking at the big picture."

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