Hamilton disagrees with Rosberg: 'Title not being handed to us'


Lewis Hamilton believes it is wrong for people to suggest that Sebastian Vettel has practically handed the Brit his fifth world title on a silver platter.

The Ferrari driver gave Hamilton more than a run for his money in the first half of the 2018 season, but his opposition followed apart at the end of the summer on the back of a string of mishaps and errors.

Hamilton's former team mate Nico Rosberg believes the German driver and the Scuderia have just made too many mistakes and wasted too many opportunities to keep up with the likely soon-to-be-crowned Mercedes driver.

"It’s all about consistency," said explained Rosberg in a recent Beyond the Grid podcast for F1.

"And he’s done the opposite. He (Vettel) has been all over the place really in the last few months, he and the team both together.

"It’s been so one-sided since the summer, it’s unbelievable. It was seemingly Vettel who was going to take the championship and it’s just gone completely the other direction with total dominance since.

"And it’s just the result of mistakes, and you’re never going to beat Lewis like that, because Lewis doesn’t make mistakes."

Hamilton takes issues however with the notion that Vettel has greatly facilitated the Brit's path to a fifth world title.

"I see a lot of people saying things have been handed to us, which is taking away from the job the team and I have done," said the 33-year-old.

"Just winning the championship has been the goal. When I won my first, one of the ex-champions said it would get harder to win a second.

"And every one after that has got harder and harder to win a championship, even though you are improving.

"But I would say this one is one of my most enjoyable years given the things I faced. It would be the one I am most proud of and appreciate more."

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