F1 teams mull factory shutdown in December 2019

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Formula 1's team are pondering the possibility of introducing a one-week winter break in 2019 to allow staff and personnel to enjoy some down time during the holiday season.

Teams would close their factory from December 24 to January 1, and follow the same guidelines applied to the annual 14-day summer break, during which only minimal activity is authorized.

The ideas was discussed by teams' representatives at a meeting of the Sporting Working Group at Interlagos on Thursday and is likely to be submitted to the appreciation of F1's Strategy Group in the near future.

A unanimous consent would be required however because the decision would require a change to next year's rules.

The holiday season is typically a busy period for teams as design, production and development is in full swing just sixty days before the following year's cars hit the track for pre-season testing.

However, the move could be seen as a preliminary measure destined to deal with a potential extension of the F1 calendar in the future.

Liberty Media announced this week the arrival of a Vietnam Grand Prix on the docket, possibly increasing the number of races beyond 21.

The prospect of boosting the schedule isn't one five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is looking forward to.

"I am someone who really loves racing, but the season is long, it takes a big commitment from all of us, and it is a long time away from our families," he said in Brazil.

"The seasons are getting longer, and the off-time is getting shorter, so from a competitor's point of view the turnaround is short.

"You start preparing for next year as soon as the season is so done, so getting your mind tuned is very difficult," the Mercedes driver added.

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