Video: When Ron Dennis enticed Schumacher to join McLaren


McLaren and Michael Schumacher never joined forces in F1, but there was a time when Ron Dennis tempted the German driver to move to Woking.

At the end of the 1993 season, Schumacher's second year in F1 with Benetton, the German driver and Dennis informally touched base at a Hugo Boss event.

The McLaren boss was miked up for the purpose of a documentary being produced on the team at the time, and he can be seen and heard engaging Schumacher and encouraging the Benetton driver to keep McLaren on his agenda for the future.

"Come and talk privately one day, away from everything, and see how I think," says Dennis.

Interestingly, Schumacher appears at the time to be on the sidelines with regard to Benetton's potential for 1994 - a year in which the German would eventually clinch his first world title.

"I'm in a situation where something big has to happen to be better," explains Schumacher to Dennis.

"If they can do this, it's fine, if they can't, then after this period it might be the right time to leave."

Dennis then goes on to caution Schumacher, admitting he's been impressed by his skills, but which do appear - in the McLaren boss' view - to sometimes bring the young man close to the ragged edge.

"Look after yourself," says Dennis. "Sometimes, you are on the limit.

"There's one thing you can't replace you know. Just look after yourself. You are horrendously impressive."

A surprised Schumacher then asks: "You think there are some problems coming up with me?"

"No, I didn't say a problem," responds Dennis. "Just look after yourself, because when you are in the car, you are controlling your own destiny. And only you know where the limit is."

Check out the video of the encounter and the fascinating insight it provides, even over 15 years later.

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