Wolff 'onboard' with FIA decision to drop standard F1 gearbox

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff supports the FIA's decision to scrap its plans to introduce a standard gearbox cassette in to F1 from 2021.

The sport's governing body had initially included transmission components among the series of tenders it recently launched and that are aimed at reducing costs once F1's future regulation package comes into effect in 2021.

While Wolff is in favour of introducing the standard parts concept for non-performance components, the Austrian felt that applying the principle to complex gearbox elements would have led to potential reliability or quality concerns.

"I think in non-performance parts, where we can really save a lot of money, we should aim for that,” Wolff said.

"If there is no saving, just complexity, and risk of reliability and failure, then we shouldn’t be following those rules. So from that principle, I am onboard.

"You have to question whether somebody else is in-between an independent supplier, that company would need to make a margin, produce a product cheaper than us with the same specifications and that sounds a little bit of tricky.

"From a Mercedes standpoint we are open-minded to reduce costs and if there is a possibility for certain non-performance parts, we are for it."

McLaren technical director James Key commended the FIA for its initiative, believing the governing body has taken a "sensible" in terms of reducing costs.

"I think what the FIA are trying to do is a good thing," said Key.

"Ultimately it’s about trying to remove some of the components that we build ourselves and don’t make much difference performance-wise, but it’s a lot of money.

"What they’ve been proposing is very sensible, but clearly we have to rely on them and trust their judgement and the tender process as well is very much in their ballpark.

"I think we’ll just accept the regulations as they are, and assume that good reasons were given for adopting some ideas."

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