'Hero' Grosjean scares away burglars faster than a speeding Haas!


Romain Grosjean was labeled a 'hero' by wife Marion after the Haas driver chased away two burglars attempting to enter the couple's home in Switzerland on Monday.

Back from his Canadian Grand Prix weekend, the Frenchman was at home with his wife and three kids when he was awoken in the middle of the night by a suspicious sound.

Grosjean took off faster than a speeding Haas and drove away a pair of vile thieves trying to force their way into the Grosjean household.

"One of those days," the Frenchman wrote on Instagram.

"Two guys broke into our house last night… Luckily they ran away when I went into the corridor. Not the best feeling over, but we are all safe.

"Thank you so much everyone. Not the best night for us but so thankful we are all safe.

"Kids didn’t hear a thing, I’m glad they don’t know anything about this bad experience and hope to keep it that way."

In her own post on social media, Marion Grosjean praised her husband's audacity.

"Often sportsmen who achieve great things are said to be heroes. I have never agreed with this word, they don’t save the world, they enrich it. Of course that is a lot in itself.

"Today though, I can say that my husband is both: a sportsman and a hero.

"This French window [pictured in her Instagram post] is the one by which the burglars entered our home in the night.

“Happily no one was hurt and our children will never know of the fright it has caused, thanks to @grosjeanromain who did not hesitate to leap in front of them to block their way and protect his family.

"I don’t like to talk about our private life in the press but heroes should be known, and recognized, and I live with one of them."

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