Enigmatic Hulkenberg sets the tone for a 'more exciting Thursday'

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Nico Hulkenberg got everyone's attention on social media on Tuesday when he teased a picture on Instagram of Esteban Ocon in Renault overalls with the caption "Finally a more exciting Thursday ahead".

The post followed a preview, also posted on social media, by French weekly Auto Hebdo of this week's magazine in the cover story confidently announces Ocon's deal with Renault and Hulkenberg's subsequent departure!

Rumors of the Mercedes reserve driver's deal with Renault have been swirling for over a week now, as well as hearsay that Mercedes had actually signed Valtteri Bottas to a new deal last week!

But where does the speculation leave the Hulk?

The German driver struggled in the first half of the season to match the performance of Daniel Ricciardo, both in qualifying and on race day.

As the Aussie's big-buck contract with Renault is watertight, Hulkenberg may have become the odd man out as a result of Renault's opportunity to hire a very talented French driver, something it apparently took a pass on in the summer of 2018 when it brought Ricciardo onboard.

On paper, Haas appears as a good probability for Hulkenberg, with the US outfit rumored to part ways with Romain Grosjean.

However, there is no love lost between the Hulk and Kevin Magnussen, although the Dane recently said that he respected his rival's talent and has "never heard anyone talk badly about him".

Check back on Thursday for a resolution of Hulkenberg's tease!

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