Perez: 'Obvious' who would go if Vettel joins Racing Point

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Sergio Perez says it's "obvious" which driver would depart Racing Point if the team signed up Sebastian Vettel for the 2021 season.

Vettel admitted last week to being in "loose talks" with the Silverstone-based outfit that will be rebranded Aston Martin Racing from next year.

In Hungary, Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer insisted the pink squad had contracts with both its drivers that extend into 2021 but did not dismiss outright the possibility of change.

And Perez knows that he would be the one to leave Racing Point rather than teammate Lance Stroll whose father owns the team.

"I think [the choice] is obvious if someone has to go," Perez told Spains's Movistar+ F1.

"I'm a dad, I wouldn't kick my son out, but there's not much I can say. There are many [rumours] around. From me, nothing โ€“ everything remains the same. I have a contract with the team."

An exit clause - a common supplement in almost all driver contracts - reportedly exists in Perez's agreement with Racing Point.

The Mexican, who brings sponsorship to his team, mainly from telecommunications giant Telmex, confirmed the presence of the provision.

"In all contracts, there are always clauses," Perez said. "It is a bit related to sponsorship. That can open that clause. But we're working hard with all our sponsors so that this does not happen.

"I would not say that it depends on a single sponsor, it is more of an overall issue."

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