Vettel names Aston car after Bond girl character

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Sebastian Vettel's long-standing habit of giving his F1 car of the year an evocative female name has remained intact following his move to Aston Martin.

From 'Kate's Dirty Sister' or 'Luscious Liz' at Red Bull to the turbulent 'Eva' or capricious 'Gina' at Ferrari, the promiscuous Mr. Vettel has enjoyed a good many loving encounters over the years.

It's therefore hardly surprising to see him continue his tradition with Aston Martin, where he has chosen the suggestive sobriquet of 'Honey Ryder', proving for good measure that Vettel knows his James Bond classics.

'Honey Ryder' was the character in Ian Fleming's Dr. No and who was played in the 1963 film by sumptuous Swiss actress Ursula Andress, whose picture we could not resist including alongside Sean Connery, the original 007.

Upon the name reveal in Bahrain on Thursday, Vettel was asked what his favourite Aston car and Bond film is.

"I think the DB5 is probably the most iconic car," he said. "I think it's a very, very cool car and it's nice that it came back some years ago.

"Favourite movie? Favourite Bond? I think Sean Connery and to be fair Piers Brosnan. That's my youth but yeah, Sean Connery. I think just very good style.

"And which movie? I quite like the first one. It kicked it off, obviously because of Honey Ryder."

Speaking about his new team and environment, Vettel said he was happy with how he has so far settled in, despite the lack of mileage suffered in pre-season testing.

"I’m quite happy," he said. "I think I felt quite comfortable straightaway despite the little running, I think I think I got along with the car.

"There's some things that I still need to work on and I need to get used to, but I think time will take care of these things.

"Even with more laps in the test, there will still be some things that would need some getting used to. So, yeah, I'm pretty relaxed. I think it will be okay."

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