Hamilton: I'd repeat move on Verstappen in 'exactly the same way'

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Lewis Hamilton says he would repeat his move on arch-rival Max Verstappen at Silverstone "exactly the way" he did it if he was given the same opportunity to attack the Red Bull driver.

Hamilton's move on the inside of Copse corner on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix resulted in a collision between the two title protagonists that sent Verstappen into the barriers.

After taking the time to analyse and reflect on the ill-fated clash, Hamilton felt that he had done nothing wrong and wouldn't change his approach to the corner while fighting wheel-t-wheel with his opponent.

"In terms of the move, I would do the move exactly the way I've probably done it and I did it last [time]," he said, speaking ahead of this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

"In terms of how I've reviewed it and analysed, from all my experience - and my experience obviously over the years speaks for a lot - I wouldn't change it.

"I know how to navigate through corners and [make] overtaking manoeuvres, and so I won't waste my energy trying to explain it. But it's definitely going to be difficult for people to fully understand."

Hamilton also dismissed Verstappen and Red Bull's claim that the Mercedes team had been "disrespectful" when it indulged in its post-race celebrations while Verstappen was undergoing a medical check on hospital.

The Briton repeated that he was not aware at the time of his celebrations that his rival had been airlifted to Coventry Hospital.

"I don't believe our behaviour was disrespectful," said Hamilton. "But as I said, it's one thing knowing and then celebrating what happened, and one thing not knowing and celebrating. And as I told you I wasn't aware.

"But it's my home grand prix, and we worked incredibly hard for who knows how long to get a result like that. And what a monumental moment it was for us to experience the whole home crowd, being there for the first time, obviously since last year was missed, and emotions were running high.

"It wasn't like an intentional celebration. It was just the joy of seeing so many people celebrating being together and that's the natural emotion, I'm not going to hide my emotions. And it was an amazing feeling to see so many people. "

Hamilton confirmed that he had called Verstappen after the race, but like the Dutchman, the seven-time world champion kept the details of the call at a minimum.

"I did give Max a call after the race to just check he feels okay and let him know that the respect is still there," he said. "Perhaps it is not reciprocated, but that's okay."

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