Williams drivers hint at new livery and color for 2022 car

ยฉ XPB 

Williams Racing's 2022 contender will sport an all-new simpler livery that will feature a "fresh" new color according to Nicholas Latifi and Alex Albon.

The Williams pair was given a sneak peak at their new car's design and offered their reactions in a video posted on social media on Wednesday.

And based on their comments, Williams' new charger will sport a very different wardrobe to the two-tone blue striped scheme it displayed last season. And for good measure, a new color has been added.

"That's differentโ€ฆ.Fresh!" reacted Latifi. "I think I used that word last year, but I think it applies more to this year. This is a really cool, actually.

"I think it's going to look nice under the lights, nice in photos."

Albon was equally enthusiastic about the new design and noted the new color added to the mix although its name was bleeped out of the video.

"I like it. I would say it's more Williams," said the Anglo-Thai driver. "It is more simple in terms of the colour scheme. There's a little bit of **** in it. I like the **** in it."

"There's a new colour involved here, which I'm a fan of," also acknowledged Latifi.

"I think it highlights some very cool features on the car. A bit of a different pattern as well, from what we've normally used."

Williams fans will need to wait until next Tuesday to discover the British outfit's new design, with the Grove-based outfit rolling out its new car on February 15.

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