Vettel suggests dropping DRS 'to see how the racing really is'

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Sebastian Vettel believes it would be interesting to see F1's new-generation cars dispense with DRS just to see "how the racing really is".

Formula 1 introduced its Drag Reduction System, which opens an adjustable flap on a car's rear wing, in 2011 as an aide to boost overtaking.

But twelve years on, despite the introduction this season of a new set of regulations that allow drivers to follow each other more closely, Vettel notes that the sport still heavily relies on the ubiquitous device to improve the spectacle on the track.

"I think you can follow closer, there is less drag effect as well," Vettel said. "We do rely on the DRS probably more than in the past, to some extent.

"The interesting bit would be to take the DRS off and see how the racing really is, if you are able to overtake a lot better than in the past."

Paradoxically, Vettel feels that despite F1's new technical rules the role of the DRS is more prominent than it has ever been in the past.

"I’m only a bit cautious for the DRS, because it was brought in as an assistance to help overtaking but now it feels a bit like it’s the only thing that allows you to overtake at times.

"So ideally, we have set of regulation that allows us to follow and race without DRS. You know, DRS hasn’t been there for 70 years. It was brought in 10 years ago to help, as an experiment."

The Aston Martin driver also took aim at the tactics employed by drivers to purposefully exploit the DRS during a battle with a rival as was the case between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen earlier this season in Jeddah.

"I think an overtake should always be an effort and not dictated by you being in the zone and you get the DRS," he said.

"The race in Jeddah, where you had the leaders braking for the DRS line to try and be the second one to cross that line, that’s a different type of racing.

"So I don’t I don’t think we should go that way. So we will see. We’re still early in the in the project. Definitely you can follow closer.

"Overtaking is still hard, but it should be an effort and it should be a reward when you manage to overtake."

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