Sainz disappointed by FIA rejection of Ferrari right of review


Carlos Sainz has expressed his disappointment with the FIA's decision to deny Ferrari the right to petition the penalty handed to the Spaniard in the Australian Grand Prix.

On Tuesday, the Stewards rejected the Scuderia's request for a right of review of the sanction, deeming that no new evidence had been introduced by the Italian outfit as required.

While Ferrari acknowledged in a post-hearing statement the FIA's decision, it felt that it had "provided sufficient new elements for the FIA to re-examine the decision".

In a post on social media, Sainz logically echoed his team's stance.

"Very disappointed that the FIA did not grant us a right to review," Sainz wrote.

"Two weeks later, I still think the penalty is too disproportionate and I believe it should have at least been reviewed on the basis of the evidence and reasoning we have presented."


The Spaniard concluded his message by calling for the FIA's decision-making to be clearer and more consistent.

"We have to continue working together to improve certain things for the future," he added.

"The consistency and decision-making process has been a hot topic for many seasons now and we need to be clearer for the sake of our sport.

"What happened in Australia is now in the past and I am 100 per cent focused on the next race in Baku."

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