Steiner tells F1 fans to be patient: 'There will be a fight!'


Haas boss Guenther Steiner says F1 fans shouldn't jump to conclusions on the back of Red Bull's current domination of the sport, insisting the bulls will be given a run for their money by another team at some point this season.

In Miami, Red Bull upheld its 100% win rate in 2023, with race winner Max Verstappen and runner-up Sergio Perez delivering to the Milton Keynes-based outfit its fourth 1-2 in five races.

Red Bull's drivers are currently in a league of their own thanks to the qualities of their blistering fast and efficient RB19 which, coupled with a lack of overtaking up and down the field, has led to fears that Formula 1 is becoming once again a boring entertainment for fans.

But Steiner, whose team currently sits seventh in F1's Constructors' standings, begs to differ.

"I find the opposite," Steiner told the media in Miami where Haas' Kevin Magnussen finished tenth.

"It's not boring for me. I think there [has been] enough action.

"Obviously, Baku was not the most exciting race we had this year. But there [were] a lot of races [that] were exciting.

"You maybe see that the Red Bulls are strong, but there's a lot of other things going on as well. We [should not] forget about that."

Red Bull's Christian Horner is obviously delighted with his team's supremacy but admitted to being surprised by Mercedes and Ferrari's inability to challenge his outfit.

"We've never ever had a start like this and we're kind of wondering, where are the others?" Horner told Sky Sports.

"Because we've made a normal step over the winter and I think it's more about where did Ferrari and Mercedes go?"

But Horner also warned that things could change quickly at the front of the field, and Steiner reckons that at some point this season, a team will indeed provide Red Bull with a proper challenge.

"I am believer that, at some stage, somebody will catch up with Red Bull and there will be a fight," the Italian said.

"We always jump to conclusions after a few races: 'Oh, it's all over now'.

"No – I would be a little bit more patient."

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