Aston's Fallows disputes 'hard to overtake' claims by F1 drivers

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Aston Martin technical director Dan Fallows says that he has seen no data corroborating the claims that overtaking in F1 has once again become more difficult.

Since last month's Azerbaijan Grand Prix snooze fest, a consensus has emerged among F1's drivers who allege that overtaking has become harder this season compared to last year, a problem compounded by the FIA's decision to shorten DRS zones at many tracks relative to their lengths in 2022.

Formula 1's regulation overhaul that introduced ground effect aerodynamics last year initially allowed drivers to follow each other more closely, which produced more overtaking opportunities.

However, as F1 engineers develop away from the rules, downforce levels are on the rise once again, with current-spec designs producing more dirty air in their wake.


But Fallows, while acknowledging the concerns voiced by F1's drivers, remains dubious about the reality of overtaking and wants to see some relevant data.

"I've heard the conversations going on, but I haven't seen any data so far that sort of says that it's harder to overtake," Fallows said in Miami recently.

"The drivers have their own opinions, and I think we've seen people running the cars in slightly different specifications from each other, which does clearly make a difference.

"We are a few races in now, but it might even be a bit early to tell that as well."

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Fallows didn't deny Baku's 'boring' procession, as labeled by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. But Aston's chief engineer has also witnessed proper overtaking opportunities at some venues.

"There have been conversations about Baku, but I think we've seen in previous races, there's been opportunities for overtaking," he added.

"There are definitely circuit dependent characteristics, so Monaco is an extreme example, but we know that there are circuits where we have to get the maximum amount out of the car in qualifying because there is a limited opportunity to overtake in the race.

"That is going to carry on for all the circuits this year, there will always be some which are easier to overtake and some which aren't."

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