Bridgestone reportedly bids for Formula 1 tyre contract

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Bridgestone has reportedly submitted a tender offer to the FIA to supply its product to Formula 1 from 2025 and replace Pirelli.

According to a report from BBC Sport, the Japanese company, which previously supplied its tyres to Formula 1 from 2007 to 2010, is considered as a serious contender to win Grand Prix racing's next tyre contract.

Pirelli has been the sport's single supplier of choice since 2011. But teams and drivers alike have often been frustrated with the Italian company's product, pointing to its low resistance to degradation and to overheating concerns.

While Pirelli has often stressed that its product has always followed the specific mandate imposed by the FIA and Formula 1, Bridgestone has pledged to produce a more durable tyre, one that would allow drivers to push harder for longer periods.

According to the BBC Sport's report Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg, who are the only active drivers with experience of Bridgestone's rubber, have vouched for the company's tyres when discussing a potential switch with their fellow drivers.

But while a majority of the latter may be in favour of a change of supplier, some senior figures in F1 question whether Bridgestone would actually do a better job than Pirelli – a faithful partner to F1 for over 12 years.

Furthermore, the Japanese firm, which supplies its product to IndyCar under the Firestone brand, would be facing a big task given that it would only have approximately 18 months to put together a range of tyres and the necessary infrastructure to supply F1 from 2025.

However, one could argue that Bridgestone's vast experience would allow the company to easily supply within such a short time frame an product worthy of F1.

The FIA is currently reviewing the technical bids it has received from Pirelli and Bridgestone, and once completed commercial discussions with the companies will begin, starting a process that could last several months.

For now, Formula 1 is mum on the topic according to BBC Sport. But Bridgestone has stated that a potential return to F1 is on its agenda.

"Bridgestone has a 60-year heritage in motorsports and we are a partner in many motorsport events," said a spokesperson for the company.

"We will continue to advance and refine our technologies through top-level races around the globe that require top-level tyre performance. F1 is considered as one of the various options."

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