AlphaTauri's controversial rebranding: Unveiling the Racing Bulls

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A day after AlphaTauri’s controversial rebranding, an update to the FIA’s 2024 F1 entry list has confirmed the name of the company that now owns the Faenza-based squad: Racing Bulls S.p.A.

In a move that has been met with mixed reactions, Red Bull’s second F1 outfit has undergone a significant change of identity, adopting the new name Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team.

Unimpressed, the media and fans alike criticized the new moniker upon its reveal on Wednesday, judging it as convoluted and lacking clarity.

Initially, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the name change, with several sources who had done their homework indicating that Racing Bulls – a name that had been trademarked by Red Bull – as the team’s new chosen identity. In the end, they were half-right.

While the Italian outfit has followed the trend and incorporated the name of its main commercial partner into its Visa Cash App RB appellation, Racing Bulls is now indeed that name of the company operating the team.

Although the overall branding structure remains somewhat complex, the FIA’s entry list has at least provided some clarity regarding the RB reference in the team name.


Fans and media can at least refer to Red Bull racing’s sister outfit it by its name, even though Racing Bulls is not the official team designation.

Furthermore, on the FIA’s official entry list, the rebranded Swiss outfit Stake F1 Team is likely to be called Sauber, the name that also appears in its chassis name.

Racing Bulls is scheduled to unveil its new livery at a special event in Las Vegas on February 8, providing an opportunity to showcase its updated branding and further solidify its identity within Formula 1.

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