Brundle ‘very surprised’ by FIA and Andretti muted reactions

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Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle says he’s been “very surprised” by the FIA and Andretti’s muted reaction to the news of the US outfit’s rejection by Formula 1 as a potential entrant for 2026.

Andretti Cadillac’s high-profile candidature was initially endorsed by the FIA last October. But Formula 1 offered an opposing view at the end of last month, citing concerns about the team's competitiveness and its ability to add value to the sport.

Formula 1’s roadblock raised eyebrows across the sport, with many – starting with Andretti – questioning the validity of the stated reasons.

Andretti issued a rebuttal to Formula 1’s decision and insisted that it continued to work “at pace” on its F1 plans.

As for the FIA, the governing body issued a short response, noting F1’s decision and reveling that it was “engaging in dialogue to determine next steps”.

Brundle – a vocal advocate for expanding the grid – believes the relative lack of communication by the latter amplifies the intrigue surrounding a decision riddled with many questions.

"I'm very surprised we haven't heard anything from the FIA, or really from Andretti, since that decision was made," Brundle said on the Sky F1 podcast.

"I would personally like to see an 11th and even a 12th team on the grid, it's another two team managers to speak to, another four drivers and four more cars to look at.

“For example, if you have a massive first corner shunt somewhere, and you lose six or seven cars, so I think the show could do with it. Nothing to do with Andretti in that respect.

"I understand why a lot of the teams in Formula 1 were like no, we don't want to share the pie out anymore. We're quite happy with 20 cars, our pit-lane is full of all the things that go on in the pit-lane, including hospitality and what have you, whether it's Brad Pitt's movie or whatever.

"So they said they didn't need it and they think that Andretti with a customer engine won't really be bringing anything to Formula 1, it'll take more than it'll give.”

Brundle suggested that the FIA and Andretti’s muted reactions could imply that legal action is on its way.

"So whether they're regrouping quietly for anti-trust laws or anti-competition laws in the EU or whatever, I don't know,” added the ex-F1 driver.

“But it all seems to have gone away very easily. And Andretti is a massive name in America, of course.

“But I think Formula 1 mustn't, we mustn't be too confident, you've got to think a little bit longer term."

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