‘Free agent’ Sainz will seek ‘best option’ for 2025 and beyond


Carlos Sainz says he will take advantage of his “free agent” status during his final year with Ferrari to choose the best option for his F1 future, not only for 2025 but also beyond.

Sainz faces a crucial decision: where to steer his Formula 1 career after Ferrari's unexpected announcement of Lewis Hamilton's arrival in 2025.

The two-time Grand Prix winner, originally expecting a contract renewal, now finds himself seeking a new home.

While Sainz emphasizes the importance of choosing a "winning project," he's determined to avoid a hasty decision.

One potential landing spot is Audi, poised to enter F1 in 2026. This option aligns with Sainz's family ties to the German automaker, with his father recently winning the Dakar Rally in an Audi.

But big several teams, including Mercedes and Red Bull are likely to take a keen interest in Sainz’s services for next year.

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However, with pre-season testing now in full swing in Bahrain, Sainz understands the need to prioritize his present commitments before diving into future plans.

"I guess for all the drivers with expiring contracts, you are looking at all your options, chatting with all the teams and seeing how other structures and teams are progressing and where they are," Sainz told the media on Wednesday in Bahrain.

"Winter testing is the priority as we only have three days of testing, so you have to put head on where you are losing time and then there will be plenty of time to sit down and decide.”

Sainz admitted that parting ways with his Ferrari crews at the end of the year will be a highly emotional moment.

"There are 24 races ahead of us but for sure the last couple of races will be emotional, especially because I will leave behind a great group of people that I work very well alongside,” he added.

"I've met some very good human beings at Ferrari, and I've also met a lot of people around the world that have made me feel at home, right from the beginning.

"We will leave that emotional part towards the end of the year and try to do the best possible job with the team for the last year.

"I know that Fred[eric Vassuer, Ferrari Team Principal] and the company are going to give me their full support that if we are in a championship fight this year, we're going to push flat out together and have a nice last year together.

"I hopefully have plenty of years in my career ahead of me, so let's see where the future takes me.”

Regardless of what the future may hold, Sainz will exert patience.

"I am a free agent for 2025 and have no idea where I am going to be racing, so I need to take my time to decide,” he said.

"All options are available and I'll try to pick the best option for me, not just for 2025 but what is the best option for the next three or four years that I am giving my absolute best to to put together a winning project in F1."

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