Jos Verstappen: ‘We’re letting everything come at us at the moment’

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Amid ongoing speculation regarding Max Verstappen's future in F1 and Mercedes' reported attempts to entice him to Brackley, his father, Jos, offered an update on the Red Bull charger's current situation.

The three-time world champion is locked into a contract with the Milton Keynes-based outfit until 2028.

However, it is believed that special clauses within the agreement could allow Verstappen to leave the championship winning team if key personnel, like Helmut Marko, depart Red Bull.

Recent tensions within the team rooted in the allegations of inappropriate behaviour levied upon team boss Christian Horner by a female assistant appear to have subsided.

But although the Horner and Verstappen/Marko factions seem to have reached a truce, many anticipate that it's merely a temporary ceasefire, with underlying animosities poised to reignite at the slightest provocation.

In the background, Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff has continued to intensify his public pursuit of Verstappen, claiming in China last time out that his team’s chances of securing the Dutchman’s services are not solely dependent on the Brackley squad’s current performance.

According to F1-Insider and Austrian broadcaster OE24, Mercedes is considering offering Verstappen a contract worth a staggering €150 million per year, nearly triple Hamilton’s salary.

This astronomical figure would not only make Verstappen the highest-paid driver in F1 history, but also highlight Mercedes' determination to secure the reigning world champion.

Furthermore, reports suggest Mercedes might extend their offer beyond just a driver's contract.

They are rumored to be considering a role for Marko if the Austrian can help get a Verstappen deal across the line.

Additionally, whispers of a long-term ambassadorial role with Mercedes have emerged, potentially securing the Dutchman’s association with the brand even after his racing career concludes.

It is believed that the Mercedes  and Verstappen camps will meet after next weekend's Miami Grand Prix to further discuss a potential tie-up.

Jos Verstappen acknowledged the interest in his son but emphasizes Max's current satisfaction with Red Bull's performance. Nevertheless, the former F1 driver hinted at a willingness to consider other options.

“I think everyone wants him, only I think Max is right for the moment,” Jos Verstappen told RaceXpress.

“He has a fast car, but we also have to look further to 2026, so we are letting everything come to us at the moment. We stay very calm and see what will happen.”

However, Verstappen Sr was reluctant to comment on the news that emerged last week regarding Adrian Newey’s potential departure from Red Bull.

Multiple reports claimed that Formula 1’s most successful designer had informed Red Bull’s management that he will be leaving the team at the end of the 2024 F1 season.

Such an event, should it materialize, could also entice Max Verstappen to jump ship.

"I'm not going to say anything about that....whatever should I say about it?” Jos responded. "I don't know anything about it.

“There is a deal between him and Red Bull and the rest we'll see. I can't say anything about that. We all know how he has performed and how good he is."

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