Marko: Perez $2 million Monaco crash a 'big handicap' for Red Bull


Helmut Marko has put a number on Sergio Perez’s dramatic crash in last weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix but also warned that the expenditure could handicap Red Bull’s in-season development.

Perez tangled with Haas’ Kevin Magnussen on the run up the hill to Beau Rivage on the opening lap of the race. The Mexican was fortunate to escape unscathed from an impact that destroyed his Red Bull RB20.

However, the severity of the accident will set back Red Bull’s budget cap by several million dollars, but it might also potentially induce a multitude of other consequences in terms of spare parts and development.

“This clearly affects us, because there are considerations about what to do with the car,” Marko told Motorsport-Magazin.

“This is costing us about two to three million and with the budget cap, that is of course a big handicap.

“If we have to do something extra due to the greater competitiveness of Ferrari and McLaren, we are naturally handicapped.

“If there is another crash, not everything will be available for both cars.

“It was another crash that Magnussen was involved in. You should watch the replays carefully. Thank god it ended well, but it was a critical situation.”


While the stewards refused to apportion blame for the spectacular run-in, giving both Perez and Magnussen a free pass, the former was surprised by this decision as he clearly felt that the responsibility for the clash lay squarely with the Haas driver.

“I was surprised how quickly the stewards dealt with the matter,” Marko added.

“These are decisions you can hardly influence, but it was just dangerous. You have to put it behind you. It’s a shame.”

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner admitted that watching the accident unfold was a painful “heart-in-your-mouth” moment.

“Don’t know on the engine and the chassis but it is obviously a significant accident so it’s a costly one, very costly,” commented Horner.

“It was a horrible-looking accident and your heart is in your mouth at that point and immediate focus is on the safety of the driver. Cars can be fixed.

“The structure and the halo and everything did its job. The most important is Checo was able to walk away from what looked like a very nasty incident, unscathed.”

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