Wolff slams all-female Grand Prix idea

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Susie Wolff has expressed her clear dislike of Bernie Ecclestone's idea of launching a separate women's Grand Prix series.

What many thought was an early April Fool's joke on the part of F1's supremo was an original idea submitted by Ecclestone in Malaysia last weekend amongst a series of plans to revive popular interest in Grand Prix racing.

Williams' 32-year-old test driver blasted the plan however. "It's most definitely not the right way forward," Wolff said. "First of all, I don't know where you'd find a full grid of female drivers who are good enough, and secondly I have raced my whole career in motor sport as a normal competitor. Why would I ever look for a race where I was only competing against women?"

Wolff concluded by saying she would rather take a pass on an opportunity to race some female countyerparts. " can hand on heart say it would not interest me at all to win such a race. I would rather not be in the race because what am I winning? A race where they've just looked for any girl to make a grid up."

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