Kimi Raikkonen confesses a few deep dark secrets


Kimi Raikkonen remains one of the most popular drivers on the Formula 1 grid, but because he doesn't talk much there's a lot we don't know about him.

Mr 'Bwahh..' talked recently with, divulging a few of his most inner secrets, well sort of...

For instance, 'Iceman' is an avid consumer of fish, preferably salmon, and also admits that his favourite pizza topping is tuna, while bananas and carrots are his favourite fruit and vegetable.

When asked if he could pick just one book, the man who conquered the world title in 2007 confessed: "I don’t read. No books for me."

He admitted he was a collector of nothing in life, and when asked about his favourite band/singer , responded by saying,  "When I was young it was Guns N’ Roses - but that’s a bit of a long time ago."

Asked where was his favourite place to live, he said: "My summer place. It has a name, but I’d rather not tell you more than that it is in Finland."

Always the racer, Kimi unsurprisingly chose Spa as his favourite race track, and Eau Rouge as his favourite corner.

Interestingly, he said that if he could pick one era to race in, it would be the 1970s. And we're pretty sure he would have been right up there with the best !

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