Brawn: F1 has no plan - too reactive

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Ross Brawn believes that a compelling issue currently facing Formula 1 is the lack of vision and long term strategy of those who hold the reins.

Speaking to ESPN's Jennie Gow, the former engineer and eponymous team owner, for whom strategy has always been at the forefront of his decision-making, believes the sport would benefit from better structure.

"It [F1] needs to have a plan, and one of the frustrations for me is that there never seems to be a plan," explained Brawn.

"Everything is reactive. I think it would be good for Formula 1 to try and formulate a strategy and a plan of where it wants to be in three or five years time."

Brawn admitted that Bernie Ecclestone's approach to managing F1 is entirely different from what his own would be, although he wasn't sure he could do things any better than Grand Prix racing's chief executive

"Bernie cares about the sport and obviously has the commercial requirements in mind as well. He wants to maximise the returns for the teams and the shareholders.

"My style might be too far the other way, maybe I'm too structured and pragmatic as an engineer, and maybe my approach is not correct."

Brawn confessed that in the past he had tried many times to give F1's supremo a different perspective on things. To no avail unfortunately.

"I told him plenty of times when I was there. I think I probably rankled him on occasions because I stuck to my views and not everyone did. So I think there were times when I irritated him."

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