Magnussen: 'I've been unlucky up to now in F1'


Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team's new recruit, believes he has not yet reaped the benefits of his efforts in Formula 1.

The Danish driver moves to Haas after a year with Renault which entailed great promise but ended on a sour note with the French team's boss Cyril Abiteboul criticizing Magnussen general attitude and  performance in 2016.

A state of affairs which mirrored to a certain extent Ron Dennis' own views on the 24-year-old following an unsuccessful spell at McLaren in 2014.

"I feel a bit unlucky with the two teams I've been with," Magnussen told ESPN in his defense.

"I think I should have been able to have achieve more with both. I lost the seat at McLaren for reasons that were a little bit strange, and then we parted ways at Renault because we didn't think it worked.

"I had an offer [with Renault] that I couldn't accept because I had a better offer, and now I'm here, so I'm happy how it turned out. "

Magnussen insist however that his predicament at McLaren differed from the difficulties he endured at Renault.

"You can't completely compare the situation and what happened at McLaren with what happened at Renault because at McLaren I wanted to stay, the team wanted to stay, but there were things at the top which meant it was chosen not to continue with me."

In the end, the Dane has no regrets about the past, and is resolutely turned towards the future

"I don't regret anything... There's so many people at both McLaren and Renault I still speak to and have a great relationship with, just certain things didn't work out and I'm happy with how things did work out."

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