Breaking with tradition: McLaren changes 2017 car name!

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In a further effort to distance itself from the not so distant past  when Ron Dennis ruled the Woking-based squad, McLaren has abandoned the 'MP4' tag.

The team's 2017 challenger will now be named the MCL32

Ever since the arrival of Ron Dennis at the helm of McLaren in 1981, all McLaren cars started with the 'MP4' moniker derived from the association of McLaren and Ron Dennis' Project 4 outfit.

It has also been suggested that foregoing the 'MP4' reference could be rooted in legal considerations if one assumes that Ron Dennis may actually still own the tag.

With potential litigation linked to the former McLaren headman's ousting in the works, change of name could have been forced upon the F1 manufacturer.

McLaren announced the change on its Twitter feed.

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