FIA to clarify suspension dispute before first test


The FIA will provide a ruling on the legality of specific suspension systems exploited by several teams before pre)season testing gets underway on February 27.

The debate was sparked after Ferrari inquired in a letter sent to F1 race director Charlie Whiting about the concept of a pre-loaded suspension which replicates the banned FRIC  (Front and Rear InterConnected) system designed by Mercedes.

Whether Ferrari sent the letter seeking genuine clarification or whether it was a ploy to denounce the concept used by other teams is uncertain.

Whiting's initial response was to consider that the suspension system, as described by Ferrari, would likely contravene the F1 technical regulations.

Apparently however the matter was discussed at length last week, in a meeting of technical directors with the FIA but without any clear understanding  between the teams about what could specifically be allowed or not.

Considering it important to clarify the matter before the season gets underway, the FIA has informed the teams that a new  technical directive will be issued before pre-season kicks off on February 27.

Should the FIA fail to deliver clear guidance on the matter, or should opinions diverge among the teams, it could all boil down to a showdown and protest on the eve of the Australian Grand Prix, with a final decision resting with the event's race stewards.


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