Red Bull to stick with controversial suspension

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Red Bull will continue to use a controversial suspension concept in 2017, according to Germany's Auto Bild motorsport publication.

It had been reported the Mercedes-pioneered, hydraulically-networked system that mimics active suspension had been banned by the FIA, following a letter to the governing body from Ferrari.

The Scuderia’s chief designer Simone Resta had sought clarification over whether it was legal to implement a system that would essentially replicate the banned Front and Rear InterConnected (FRIC) concept in this way, without connecting the front and the rear wheels.

La Gazzetta dello Sport had claimed the FIA ruled out the latest design concepts, used in 2016 by Mercedes and Red Bull, on the basis they were being used for aerodynamic effect.

But now Auto Bild claims that only Ferrari's proposed 2017 version has actually been declared illegal by the FIA,.

Red Bull motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko confirmed: "We can't use it 100 per cent [in 2017], but we can still use it."

When asked about the controversy, former F1 designer Gustav Brunner told Speed Week: "I do not believe it will be a big deal in Australia, as by then everyone will probably have such a system on their car."

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