Hamilton wants social media rules to be relaxed


Lewis Hamilton hopes that Liberty Media will loosen policy rules restricting the use of social media by drivers on race weekends in a bid to encourage fan engagement.

An avid user of several social media platforms, on which he promotes himself and interacts with fans, Hamilton would like to enjoy more freedom and run a bit more free from broadcasting restrictions which apply in the F1 paddock.

"If you look at football, social media is so much greater?" Hamilton explained at today's Mercedes launch.

"They utilise social media a lot better in football, in the NBA, in the NFL. In F1 every time, for example, I would have posted a picture or a video, I would have got a warning from the FIA, or a notice telling you to take it down."

Hamilton therefore pleads for a change and is hoping Liberty, with media in all forms its core expertise, will  trim down current restrictions.

"This year I am hoping that they will change that rule, and allow social media for all of us – because social media is obviously an incredible medium for the world to communicate with.

"And for the sport to be able to grow, it is a super easy free tool to grow for the sport, for us to use, to share it, to engage with other people.

"There are people who are following me who have not been F1 fans for a long, long time, but one of their friends who happens to follow me or one of the other drivers has said to follow, and [they have] since started to watch the races.

"I am sure it is one of the fastest and it's the new way, the new way forwards."

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