Remembering Enzo


Enzo Ferrari died on this day in 1988 at the age of 90. The founder of the legendary team and car manufacturer, Ferrari was a passionate racer himself for Alfa Romeo before setting up his own team - Scuderia Ferrari - which entered the Formula One World Championship in its inaugural season and has been the only ever-present team.

His son Piero told the Ferrari website: “It is never easy to openly share such a personal anniversary as the passing of one’s own father. Yet still, I always do it gladly, because every day people from all over the world contact me to let know how important Enzo Ferrari was to them. And I am not just referring to clients or fans, but people who never had any dealings Ferrari at all, whose lives have been inspired by my father’s courage and his ability to pursue his objectives. For me he was all that and more. There was a lesser known side to him, reserved for his dear ones, a generous and understanding side that he transmitted to me each moment of our lives. Every day I am proud to be Enzo Ferrari’s son, and with my work and dedication to my family I hope to live up to the precious principles that he taught me.”